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is krystal ball and dana millbank and an msnbc analyst. thank you both for being here tonight. >> thanks for having us, rev. >> krystal, isn't the gop's big base in the south hurting them and and hurting the rest of the country. >> it absolutely is. the more the party shrinks down, it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy because the republicans get associated with the very far right, con serveltive politics that are very popular in the south. so it makes it harder for northeastern republicans across the country outside of the south to get elected. and what we see is in many of these districts, they're not worried about a challenge from the left. they're not worried about their general election. they're worried about primary battles and increasingly, too. they're concerned with having a national tea party activist base where they can fund raise from. we see people like the representative fund raising off the fact that boehner and the establishment republicans are against him and he's a thorn in their side. >> dana, when you look at the tea party's record unpopularity, it's broke records now
out here? >> joining me now to help me out here, msnbc's krystal ball and steve kornacki, and msnbc latino contributor. krystal, can you help rush limbaugh here? what happens -- and what do you think the republican calculation is about what happens to latino voters and hispanic voters going forward in elections, assuming something like that package actually does get legislated. >> well, i think the sense is for republicans is that they have to do something with this issue. this they have to get it off the table if they have any hope in winning the 71% loss as you pointed out they won with the latino voters. they can push it to the right, they can try to make that pathway to legal status to citizenship as long and drawn out as possible. or they cannot negotiate, which has been the position in the past. get killed politically, or if something does pass without their help it will be purely on democratic term terms. and the pathway to citizenship will be much shorter and much more to the left than the process. and the republicans have to realize at this point that they have lost opportu
. >>> they awarded the presidential election state by state this time. what would happen if they didn't? >>> krystal is on electoral politics and i'm on weather. i think the cold snap finally gotten us to. >>> i'm s.e. cupp and trying to talk krystal to go to the bar with me. she's 5 months pregnant but i'm very convincing. >>> taylor hackford talks to krystal and taking the turn in "the cycle." grab the popcorn. >>> vice president biden let a roundtable discussion on the administration's efforts to curb gun violence joined by janet napolitano, kathleen sebelius and jim cole. the vice president had these emotional words. >> what happened up in newtown, beautiful little babies, 6 and 7 years old, riddled, riddled with bullet holes. 20 of them dead. i've met with most of their parents. it is a national tragedy, and a window in to the vulnerability people feel about their safety and the safety of their children. and the president said, even if our actions would only save the life of one of those children, it's worth it. >> while the vice president remains optimistic about administration's plans, it is
is are we united in drying that up from the people i have talked to? the answer is yes. krystal ball, when you have lost the socialites, i believe the republicans have nothing left to lose. >> well, it -- >> what else is there? this is rock bottom? >> it looks pretty bleak. >> a hack, fundraiser. >> she had strong words there, well, i was looking back at the analysis "the washington post" did last summer regarding the republican party, and the sort of old republicans which i assume she is, fiscally conservative, typically northeastern, typically well off still make up about 22% of the party. so a decent chunk of the party. and what georgeette there shows, they make up a certain amount of the funding base which is why they have had a lock on the republican party. and the innovation for the growth of the tea party is their ability to have larger scale donor movements, smaller dollar to add up to a larger amount. and for a while, the georgeettes of the world in 2010 were willing to ride the wave, because sure we were electing crazy people but they were in other districts. now they see how the
's bring in krystal ball and abbey huntsman. thank you both for being here tonight. >> thanks, reverend. >> i can't hear. >> somebody has to fix abby's mic while we talk to you krystal. krystal, how does a growing economy impact the president's second term agenda? give me the politics of this. >> well, i think the very fact we're able to look at things like immigration reform and climate change is a sign it is getting better. considering how we came in and were falling off a cliff economically, there was little room for the public to embrace anything that they could see tangibly. the fact we now have space in our conversation to talk about things that are also critical and at their core are also economic issues. but it shows that we have come a long way in terms of economic impacts. and of course the other obvious thing here is republicans spent such a long time railing against the economy blaming the president for the economy. now we see that his policies have actually worked but they are moving us forward, that we are coming out of this slump. so it takes away a lot of that ammunition
. the second hour of the cycle. i'm joined by krystal ball and toure who love to eat up my time period on this network. >> what's wrong with that? >> absolutely. i'm accepting you'll soon do that. krystal, we've heard just now about the resignation of hilda solis. it's just been announced. the president has responded and accepted her resignation. but how much does this resignation put pressure on him in terms of the diversity issues with his cabinet? because he's already been criticized for a lack of diversity. now we've lost another woman. >> his cabinet is looking pretty brotastic. it bothers me. >> i think it bothers a lot of people. >> i give the president credit. he has more women in his cabinet than say george w. bush. but. >> of course he did nominate two supreme court judges who are women. >> and we vould remember his first choice for secretary of state was susan rice, a woman. i understand they're looking at each individual individually and looking at candidates saying who is the person we want. but you also have to look at the team holistically and say how is this team going
in the eyes of god and also in our own. >>. >> joining me now, steve kornacki and krystal ball, co-hosts of "the cycle" here on msnbc. thanks for joining me. >> thank you for having us. >> the man once talked about ending the partisan divide accepted that republicans in washington seem to respond better to power politics, it seems. >> there are some things you cannot change. and i think that's one of the things that we learned is in the first four years republicans decided their only goal really was to obstruct and oppose him. and if you don't have a willing partner on the other side of a negotiating table, it doesn't matter how many olive branches you extend. if there's not a hand willing to reach back, then it's not going to be helpful. nothing good is going to come out of it. and i think he also realized the power of taking the case to the american people. you know, this speech was boldly progressive. it outlined a progressive vision for the country. when you think of the individual elements eluding to immigration reform, voting rights. lbgt equality. all of these things individ
fanatics to sound crazier than wayne lapierre. joining me now, msnbc's krystal ball, and krystal, it seems to me that the tea party has had its effect on the nra, nudging them even further into the crazy season. >> yes, it seems to be. the nra is an elitist group, sending out the anecdotes, what you heard gail trotter remark about, they questions their membership that obama and the democrats want to come for their guns. and that has worked for a long time. but what we're seeing now, i think what we're seeing today is the death of a caricature, that stuff worked for so long. but what are we talking about? assault weapons ban, background checks for everyone. all of that makes reasonable sense to a lot of people, including a lot of nra members. >> frank smyth, take us through the journey that the nra traveled through, from 1999, taking a fairly reasonable position to where they are now. today, wayne lapierre's testimony, absolutely no law of any kind, the nra is opposed to anything anyone will propose. >> you have to remember, the nra was a moderate legislation in favor of gun control for mos
.com and krystal ball host of msnbc's "the cycle." krystal, you ran for congress. did you have to be told not to talk about rape? did you have talking points on that? >> i don't recall anyone specifically sitting me down and saying don't talk about rape, but it was sort of understood. i don't think in the candidate training schools they normally have to go through, don't say rape, don't make women seem like they're sluts if they take birth control, don't call them prostitutes. >> although we're learning there are a number of efforts like this in terms of the gop candidate training that basically is centered on don't say rape but not changing the policies. >> exactly. let's talk about it in a different way. it struck me there was a conservative cruise after election day where scott rasmussen gave a panel on how to talk to women and minorities and some of the advice was great things like speak to them like they're adults. >> oh, nice. >> it's a start. >> hey, you know what, i'll take it. all right. so, joan, you know, of course, republicans like to blame republicans. it has nothing to do wi
on you. >> let's get right to it. we are joined now by krystal ball cohost of "the cycle" and msnbc political analyst richard wolffe executive editor of thank you for being here. i want to start with you and danielle trotter. she's invoking the constitution, the bill of rights. a feeling that is strong around the country among conservatives but not only conservatives nap these policies are going after rights that were secure bid our founders a long time ago. she invoked womens rights as sort of the ultimate underlying principle. a lot of people were moved by that. what did you make of that new chapter in this fight? >> well, it's not surprising. it's not surprising there's an interpretation of the second amendment that they take to mean overthrowing government or standing up for tyranny or in this case -- this is part of the nra narrative since the '60s here. it's about protection against criminals. this has been the big shift in the nra, tea party, extreme conservative narrative. which is that we've gone from the hunting, the protecting the family, to this onslaught of c
. and that will be true whether i'm the life of the party or the stick my the mud. >> the life of the party, krystal, nothing drives me crazier than this myth, than geez if you would just sit down with the guys -- >> it is the tone and the lack of civility, you know that, right? >> you know, i saw guys who were great friends, real friends vote against each other in a second. it doesn't solve the problem. >> sure, sure, i mean the real dynamic here is the political calculus that is underlying all of this, for house republicans it makes all the political electoral sense in the world for them to be totally unreasonable and go as far right as they possibly can, because they're not worried about a general election or worried about the center of the country. they're worried about the right flank, thanks to newt gingrich who started it all off, the growth of the tea party, making sure that the republican party is totally pure and that primaries are frequent. >> one thing to watch with the president is just how cool he is in handling the questions. and she is a great reporter, i'm not knocking her. but ther
. that is next with krystal ball and richard wolff. and if you think 89 votes for the fiscal cliff deal was amazing, and it kind of was. how about 100? that is how many votes harry reid got in the senate today for some important things that nobody is telling you about. that is in the rewrite. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the already great sentra apart and completely reimagined it with best-in-class combined mpg, not to mention more interior room than corolla and civic, and a technology suite with bluetooth, navigation, and other handy stuff? ♪ yeah. that would be cool. ♪ introducing the all-new nissan sentra. it's our most innovative sentra ever. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ >>> a lot of this debate in washington is, i think, driven by the president who wants to destroy the republican party. >> but he said no, you have to raise rates, why? because he knew that would accentuate the fractures, the fissures in the republican party, neutralize the one opposition to this institution. that is exactly what happened, he succeeded in that. the house has been neut
get worse. that is next with krystal ball and richard wolff. and if you think 89 votes for the fiscal cliff deal was amazing, and it kind of was. how about 100? that is how many votes harry reid got in the senate today for some important things that nobody is telling you about. that is in the rewrite. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some retirement people who are paid on salary, not commission. they'll get straightforward guidance and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >>> a lot of this debate in washington is, i think, driven by the president who wants to destroy the republican party. >> but he said no, you have to raise rates, why? because he knew that would accentuate the fractures, the fissures in the
, and yet in that moment that was his time that he was taking for himself. >> and krystal, we actually saw the president trying to slow down his life for just a couple of more moments, take it in. >> just to take it in, i was watching him as he watched, you know, chuck schumer, the opening comments of the a comments. and it was the side of the president we didn't see in the first term, much more emotional after newtown, even thanking the field staffers. he has just a real sense, are not on -- not only what it means to him but for those who reelected him. it sends a message, one term could have been a fluke, but two terms sends a message of who he is now. >> the first interest i had, is there a human being there? and you can tell right away, they approach you on the floor of the senate. there is a complete vacancy in there, they are nothing but mechanical politicians, they wanted to be that their entire lives. and then there are the guys, the women who are there who want to be a real person. and that is the kind of person who would know where he was at that moment, to stop and make a turn.
. take an extra 10 percent off storewide now through sunday. >>> i'm krystal ball. defense. not just for sports. chuck hagel wants to run the pentagon but first a few senators want to run a few questions by him and they were specific. like, can women be defense secretary? >>> i'm steve kornacki. here's a state that senate democrats didn't have to worry about this year. new jersey. all that's blooming in the garden state is drama. >>> i'm s.e. cupp. have you tasted an affirmative action cupcake? they're real and delicious. >> gross. >>> i'm toure. gun control advocates taking it to the bank literally. >>> plus due to popular demand, my thought tons new gdp numbers. >> finally. >> you're welcome. >>> chuck hagel is back on the hill four years after leaving the senate. hagel's former colleagues hold the nomination as defense chief in their hands. despite the thousands of dollars of ads running against him, hagel a republican is expected to be confirmed to president obama's cabinet. if so, he will be the nation's first pentagon chief to have seen combat as an enlisted soldier. he served
is behind it. let's sign these orders. >> let's get right to it. joining me is krystal ball, co-host of "the cycle" and jonathan capehart of "the washington post." on the same day the president made his announcement, the republicans in the house are leaving the capitol and they're off to their annual retreat at a resort near williamsburg. which i guess is the ideal place to be if you think king george is going to be resurrected and steal your guns. >> you're behind that, aren't you? >> i have some involvement. >> i have to say, caveat, williamsburg, virginia, is in the congressional district that i ran to represent. it is a lovely place. >> i'm sure. >> but, you know, it's so funny. because it seems like no matter how much we talk about how out of touch the republicans are, how they're living in their own world, how they aren't seeing the facts and the data and what's going on. they just continue to play to the far right base. they seem to not be able to come to grips with the fact that the entire nation was traumatized by this tragedy. is traumatized. absolutely. that they want some concret
will be more ready than i was in 2012. >> krystal ball, that is as much of an i'm running statement that you could make this far ahead of 2016? >> yes, i think that is right. obviously, about all the press he is embracing and being on the cover of "time," et cetera, that is not specific for him to win re-election in new jersey. you do notice after coming out so strongly against his own party, against john boehner and the congressional republicans he definitely dialled it back a bit today. there was a lot more hedging, and well, we'll have to see. i'm willing to have the conversation about the assault weapons ban. but you do notice that for the national audience he is trying to be more centrist for the republicans who would have to get him through a primary. >> and the federal national assault weapons ban is when he got very presidential. republican presidential in his dealing with that question. he just wanted to get away from that and not leave any record there. >> yeah, he was a federal prosecutor and has a mastery of these issues. he actually understands what it means to use the state or
in his krystal ball column. we are working you in to every topic disdiscussed today. >> spelled krystal wrong. >> republicans face a choice best characterized by personalizing it, a healthy, optimistic party is reaganesque. convinced it can win the future embracing it and making a positive case for its philosophy and candidates to all americans. a party in decline is nixonian. feels overwhelmed by trends and thinks it can win only by cheating, by subverting the system and stacking the deck in its favor. i got to say, at least optically even if disagree with some of those points, he is right. for exactly the reason we're having conversations like this around this table. because it gives democrats an opportunity to say, they're cheating. and i'm actually incredibly optimistic about our party and future of conservatism. this isn't acting like it and i'd rather we optimistic. >> to your point, the voting i.d. laws passed last time around to do essentially the same thing really backfired on republicans and created this atmosphere where people felt like they were -- >> absolutely what you're
me now is richard wolffe executive editor of and krystal ball cohost of "the cycle." what do you make of that interview? that exchange? isn't this the problem with today's gop? that it's just how are we going to pay for it? he admits that people have been treated wrongly with a long period of time here. >> right. >> but before i give you aid, i want to know where it's going to be taken out of spending? i mean, that almost seems heartless to me. >> never in our history have we looked at people who have been victims of floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and said we see that you're in help. maybe we'll help you. is it worth borrowing the money for? let me think about this. he frames is is it worth borrowing more money to pay for this. i don't know how you ask that question. if your child needed a life-saving operation would you sit around and say we could borrow the money but am i really going to do this? no. if this was his state you can't help but come to the conclusion he would be there. not saying how can we use this as leverage really to get our way rather than just saying wh
for having us, reverend. >> krystal, here we go again. where is the future of this party. >> i think, unfortunately for them and, honestly, unfortunately for the country, too. i think they have a ways to go until we're back. the next thing is the debt ceiling fight. basically, they're going to have a repeat of 2011 when they held the country hostage to get their way. when they were willing to put their own political objectives over the well being and health and economy of the country and really the world as a whole. they're going in that direction again. so, as bad as their favorability ratings are right now, as bad as things look for them right now, i think they are only going to get worse because the country is going to continue to see how dysfunctional and how they've been driven by the extremes. but i will say this. i think we may have seen the merchants of the new coalition that's going to allow us to get through these fights who did vote for the fiscal cliff deal along with the democrats. hopefully, we can see that partnership again that is actually interested in moving the cou
appointments. krystal, you delivered a rant and scolded the president and rangel had this to say yesterday. >> it's embarrassing as hell. 'we have been through this with mitt romney and we were very hard on mitt romney with his women binders and a variety of things and i think there's no excuse when it's a second term. >> so, you know, i think we are going to see more of that. will that hurt him in trying to get his agenda forward? i don't know. time will tell. >> all right. well, when we talk about a liberal legacy, moving forward on gun control, that would be hugely popular on the left an i'm not discouraged at this point. i was the days after newtown, even then i said, we are not going to be able to get anything done. the house is controlled by republicans and i am growing more and more hopeful. the white house is going to put out a gun control package sooner than later. all right? they're still going to work while we have this momentum in the air. we are going to see an attempt at an assault weapons ban and they know it's politically difficult and ammunition limiting and more important
on fast, so ask your doctor about tamiflu. prescription for flu. >>> i'm krystal ball. i did not see this coming. manti te'o's dead girlfriend was never alive. college football story of hope is a hoax. there's so much to tackle here. get it? football. tackle. yeah, i know sports. >>> i'm steve kornacki. what's the name of the movie where the washed up producer creates a synthetic woman and then the world finds out she is not real? oh, oh. simone! this is just like that. isn't it, s.e.? >> i have no idea but manti te'o, i have some questions, like, what is an online relationship and be specific. >> i'm toree. manti's the talk of the nfl. will this hurt the draft chances? will he be forced to become a jet? we don't want you! >>> it's thursday, so obviously i'm starting with sports and this is no sports metaphor, folks. it's a real story that rocked the sports world and developing minute by minute. bear with me because this thing is kree si. there's this football player named manti te'o. >> yep. that's true. >> that's true. a star for notre dame. >> true. >> yep. >> famous university an
'm krystal ball. hillary clinton found a hot seat. bet you didn't know i did sports and weather. >>> i'm steve kornacki. the forecast is dreary but in a turn of events al roker or krystal couldn't predict partly cloudy sunny days in the senate or not. >>> i'm s.e. cupp, women have reasons to take notice. >>> i'm toure and we need all the soldiers we can get. the monster squid is real. don't believe me? i'll show you the videotape. >> what? >>. >>> all that and something that didn't happen in 97 years. scott walker is probably marking the occasion. you're in "the cycle" and we are ready to roll. >>> the stage is set. the handoff has begun and to quote the beatles for secretary of state hillary clinton, she says hello and we say good-bye. hello-hello. this morning the present secretary and the future secretary appeared before the senate foreign relations committee as kerry's sure march to secretary of state began. >> if you confirm me, i would take office as secretary proud that the senate is in my blood. but equally proud that so, too, is the foreign service. >> this comes less than 24
's remember fiscal cliff, cutting government as krystal was pointing out, more than we already have, was something republicans had to get up and say we didn't mean it, we don't want it, it's too fast, it's bad for the economy. that panic we had was actually a failing of the core ideological promise they made in november. >> and to that point on economics, krystal, paul ryan to "the wall street journal" says, "the electorate did not reject our principles at the election." >> okay. >> what did the electorate say then? they didn't like the way he looked? they didn't believe his marathon lies. >> they didn't like the obama phone they were given and the gifts they got from the president. >> what is this man talking about? >> paul ryan did say things like urban voters. he has that same view that mitt romney does about the 47% being takers and getting gifts from the government. that is his view, and so as long as you have that core understanding among paul ryan, who is supposed to be a leader of the republican party, they are not going to be able to evolve. they might be able to put on a h
if they didn't? >>> krystal is on electoral politics and i'm on weather. i think the cold snap finally gotten us to. >>> i'm s.e. cupp and trying to talk krystal to go to the bar with me. she's 5 months pregnant but i'm very convincing. >>> taylor hackford talks to krystal and taking the turn in "the cycle." grab the popcorn.
much. thank you. >> krystal ball, that was a parent and father in chief that was speaking today. >> as you reported on, joe biden could not be a better emissary on this issue, both for the reasons you pointed out, and also he knows personal tragedy and knows it well. so when he speaks about this issue, too, it comes from a personal place. and i think the president is smart in what he is doing here politically, as well. he knows that assault weapons ban, the ban on extended magazines, universal background checks. those are things that a republican congress is not just going to come out and support. he has to remind american people of how important this is. he has to get the american people behind him, and ultimately even if it takes a turnover in the house in 2014, which is something i think we personally could see. even if that is the end game having the american people behind him is ultimately the only way that anything real is going to happen here. >> richard wolff, a word on joe biden today. i was struck watching him lead the way into this subject. that i really cannot think
panel here with me are krystal ball one of the hosts of msnbc's "the cycle" and jimmy williams an msnbc contributor. krystal, the fiscal cliff fight may be over but we heard many of them looking forward to a debt ceiling fight where medicare and taxes will be fought over. do these people not learn anything from 2011 when the credit worthiness of this nation was downgraded and markets crashed because of what they were doing? >> well, apparently not. and i'm glad you frame it that way. i feel like a lot of the discussion has just assumed that it's appropriate to use the debt ceiling as a bargaining chip. i mean, you are threatening default. you are threatening a worldwide global economic calamity. and republicans now just as a matter of business think this is okay to do and that there's not going to be any pushback. i think that they fundamentally miscalculate there. because not only are you doing something hugely unpopular by holding the country hostage over the debt ceiling, but in order to cut social security and medicare benefits? >> oh, yes. >> i think that is hugely unpopular. they'
and years? >> joining me now, krystal ball, host of msnbc's "the cycle." krystal, not a single dot was connected to any other dot in the republican conspiracy theory dream of what happened here. >> and they have been waiting for this moment, for so long. and they got absolutely nothing because hillary clinton is so good in these situations. here is the thing that is so amazing about her and about her career in politics. you know, out of her husband's scandal and out of the republican absolute hatred of her, she becomes a senator and great senator. out of her presidential loss, she becomes secretary of state and is never more popular or esteemed. this was supposed to be the start of her political undoing coming into 2016, i think she emerges looking better than ever before. we're all reminded of just how capable and how serious this woman really is. >> steve clemens, she is also very difficult to lay a glove on as a witness in congressional hearings, which everybody learned in 1994, when she went around with the health care bill. the bill, it turned out, was doomed. but her presenta
with something slightly more contemporary. >> i'm krystal ball, this is another historic event. what president's past, present and future can learn from it. >>> t-minus two days until president obama makes history again. on sunday, he'll be sworn in for a second term in the highest office in the land. but did you know obama will become the second president ever to take the oath of office four times? yeah. that's right. steve kornacki told me that. in 2009, he took it twice after chief justice roberts botched it the first time. good job, john. the president will again the lay hand on the bible, january 20th required by the constitution but since it's a sunday, the parades, balls and public swearing in, the fourth oath, pushed until monday the mlk holiday. such poetic justice, that. don't expect the record turnout of 2009. a new poll shows fewer americans like president obama right now and his policies versus 2009. only 43% are optimistic about the next four years but his job approval rating still tops 50%. only two presidents after world war ii scored higher approval ratings in the second term
budget that we are dealing with. >> congressman, i want you to help me understand something. krystal referenced the no budget, no pay provision. they won't be paid with no budget by april 15th and sounds good and i'm sure the american people are like, wow, they're doing something but 27th amendment of the constitution says no, you can't do. no law varying the compensation of services of senators and representatives shall take effect. why would you tell the american people we won't get paid until we pass a budget when you can't do that? >> there's provision in there to deal with that and that says you won't get paid until the end of the congressional session and so ultimately you would be paid and so that makes sense for a group that doesn't need a paycheck and so for the millionaires in congress it wouldn't make a difference. you just live off the dividends and the capital gains and get the salary income later. for people living on a paycheck, it is not such a good idea. so it has interesting implications for the makeup of congress if that's how you do things. hold your pay until the
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